Power of Family
Chapter 8 reflection on empathy


Bus Rides

by Parker Nagtegaal


Freinds will last you a life time. Me and Sam Dean have been going on the same bus since the fifth grade but we’ve never sat together until this year when the bus got so crowded that we couldn’t have our own seats. The bus in my opinion was always a very boring 45min-1hour wast of my time. But when me and Sam started sitting together I started to enjoy the bus a lot more. It was a lot of fun to talk and laugh with Sam. At this point I look forward to my bus ride at the end of the day because I have such a good time. I remember there was one time when I was only me, Micheal Mariani, Eduardo Tackas, and Sam on the bus. We were all alone (except for the bus driver). One of us was playing music (I forget who) and we all just started shouting the words to the song. Looking back I don’t know why it was so funny but in the moment us singing was the funniest thing that ever happened. We were all having a great time because instead of looking down on our phones for the whole bus ride we were interacting with each other. From the beginning of the year on me and Sam have gotten to be better and better friends and have had so much fun on  the bus with him. Im sad that next year I won’t be on the bus with him. But for the remainder of the year I will have fun bus rides and I will cherish ever single one. All the bus rides are experiences that I will never forget.