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“A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It's about feeling connected and responsible for what happens.”

- Yehuda Berg 

   I am sitting in my first All School Meeting (ASM) in a senior seat next to my best friends. The words flow out of my mouth like a stream of water “We all live in a yellow submarine (stomp) a yellow submarine (stomp) a yellow submarine (stomp).” At this point in my Fenn career the words are committed to memory and I do not have to refer to my song book. I sing the lyrics loud and clear while swaying to the beat with my friends. I love ASM because it brings the Fenn community together.

 The activities the school does in ASM are truly amazing. Some of the activities include senior refections, singing, announcements, reflections offered by students and presentations. Although some of the activities might be boring for some, the meeting brings the school together and that is important in staying a tight knit community. One of my favorite activities is singing. Singing is something I look forward to on Mondays and Fridays. I love singing songs with my friends and the whole school. I also like singing because everyone can participate. Senior refections are also one of my favorite activities. This is because it gives the chance for 9th grader, a leader of the school to give some advice or wisdom to the whole school. I still remember my cousin Max Steinert’s refection about soccer and how he played on different club teams. He also talked about perseverance. His senior refection is an example of giving wisdom to the whole school.


I can’t imagine Fenn without ASM. It is truly the center of the Fenn experience. It is where we learn the lessons that help us understand the school motto, Sua Sponte. ASM helps us bond as a community through shared experiences.


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Harrison Bertos

Matthew wrote a great piece of writing here. Matthew used great vocabulary to explain how special all school meeting was he used examples like singing to dislplay why all school meeting was so great and also gave us the downsides about all school meeting. But then matthew brought us to the concluding section where he explained how we learned many important lessons about Fenn. This was very well written and I wanted to read more even as I had read the title.


I totally agree with you that ASM is one of the greatest things about Fenn. You described in detail why it is so important to you and you have many convincing reasons. Your title "Building Community" is a great way to get the reader to want to go further. Your opening hook and the lines from "Yellow Submarine" drop the reader right in the middle of ASM. It might be good to introduce the sua sponte part of ASM a little earlier so that you can explain the connection. Nice writing.


The only thing that jumps out at me is you spell reflection wrong--otherwise, this is such a good piece: plenty of action; plenty of examples--and some wise thoughts. Who could ask for more?


This essay is so relatable for me to read. You set the scene so vividly. I am brought back to that first ASM with you. I love this post because it shows that how much you truly care about fenn and Fenns community

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