Camp Belknap Trip
Summer Narrative


Enjoying My Last One as a Student


 “Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it more from his wandering.”

-Charles Dickens 

    Alijah is sprinting down the sideline for the touchdown. He is at the 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN!! The crowd is going wild! All the students sprint out onto the field to congratulate the team. It’s a perfect fall day for football and Homecoming. My grandparents were visiting for the weekend and we all were enjoying the special events. There were people everywhere dressed in blue and gold. The smell of hotdogs and burgers on the grill wafted down to the spectators on the field. It was fun but I was also there to volunteer and help staff the events.


    I got out of the car and walked to the main tent some Fenn staff gave me a name tag and sent me to the tent for the Kevin White Memorial run to get my staff shirt. Then I met up with Star to get the football field set up for the big game. First, we when to the shed to get the yard markers and the chains for the 1st down mark. Then we started setting up. Once we were done with that we started moving benches for spectators to sit on. The benches were super awkward to hold and I kept hitting my shins. I had to move four benches total and some of them I had to move somewhat far. After we were done with that we had to move the soccer goals out of the way and off the field. After that people started to arrive for the run so I had to go over to help out.

    Before the run started Star and a few others gave a speech. Then everyone walked down to the starting line of the new course. The course is the new land that was bought at the end of Carr road. I was assigned to man the finish and give the cards to finishers. I was also told to hold the banner for the first male and female finishers. It got very hectic with clumps of people coming in all at once and people didn’t grab finishing cards. After that the football team got warmed up and the game started. People thought Fenn was going to lose to Fay. However, Fenn ending up winning the game. It was a terrific day for Fenn. I liked being a part of the day as both a student and a staff member. It is strange to think that this is my last Homecoming as a student at Fenn. Next year I will be coming to Homecoming as an alum. I am glad I have all year to get ready for that moment!


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This is a good and solid entry--what blogs should be full of! All would suggest is a conclusion. You end with a body paragraph that has a concluding sentence. Always give the conclusion its own space.

McCliff Metellus

Extremely Nice blog post, I really like the hook sentence when you commentated what Alijah did in the football game.

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