Primitive Dialogue

Summer Narrative

Exploring the Deep Blue


“I'm still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it.”

-Jim Dale

    After 14 hours on a plane, 8 hours in Turkey, 1 hour in Male, my Dad and I was almost at COMO Maalifushi Resort in the Thaa Atoll of the Maldives. I was in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt I been wearing for over 24 hours. I stepped off the sea plane and was confronted by the heat and humidity. I grabbed my luggage and jumped onto the boat. I had one last leg of the trip to go. We put our life jackets on and motored towards the resort. It was a quick boat ride. It was less than 5 minutes. Finally we arrived! We stepped off the boat and we were greeted by the staff who were super nice. But I just wanted to get in the water and start my adventure.


    We walked down the long wooden dock to get to the check-in counter. We quickly checked into the resort and got on a golf cart. The staff member drove us around the small island giving us a tour and then to our room. The room was on a long dock with about 20 other rooms. The heat was causing me to sweat profusely. I was still in sweatpants and a sweatshirt so it felt like I was in the Sahara desert. We finally got to our room which close to the end of the dock. When we got to the room there were two bikes in front of the door for transportation. We opened our door and were met by some much appreciated air conditioning. The room was framed of mostly glass so you could see the water from every part of the room. I quickly tore off my sweats and put on my swimsuit. We opened the sliding doors and dove off our deck into the Indian Ocean. The water was clear blue and very salty. I washed off the long day of traveling. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and settling in. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. My body clock was so confused as we were 9 hours ahead of the United States. Somehow I managed to sleep from exhaustion that night.

    The next morning we woke up bright and early to get to surfing. First, we got breakfast. The breakfast was amazing with a buffet of pastries, pancakes, bacon, fruit and fresh juice. There was one other restaurants on the island but it was Thai food and wasn’t open for breakfast. After breakfast, we walked to the surfing hut to get ready. Once we arrived at the hut we put on sun screen, grabbed our board and headed on the boat. My dad and I got on the boat and were told we were going for a 30 minute boat ride to the surf spot. There were a several different surf spots that we could go to but only some were close by. First we started out at a wave called Farms which was a very easy beginner wave that not many people knew about. Most of the waves were small to medium but when a big set of waves came in they could be pretty large. Previously, I had gone surfing on many trips and I consider myself intermediate. So this location was super fun and easy to catch waves. We went to the Farms wave most of the time we were in the Maldives but a couple times we went to another wave called Machines. This wave was definitely harder and the waves were a little bigger. Another group of people from the same resort as us rented a jet ski to bring them back to the break. So a couple times I got a break on paddling and I got a ride. Also, while I was there my dad and I decided to get scuba certified.


    The scuba certification was not a short process. I had to do a lot of work in and out of the water. First, when we signed up we had to read the first chapter in a book about scuba diving. It was long and boring and meant that I had to spend time not in the water. I got it done and then we did a pool session the next day. The pool session was the very basics and reviewed things from the chapter in the book. After that I had to read two chapters a day instead of one. Once I was done with all of the reading a had to take a test and after each chapter I had to take a quiz. However, the time in the ocean was really fun. We took two dives on the house reef which is the reef right off the beach and two that were a boat ride away. The house reef had beautiful fish, turtles and even some sharks. Sadly at the house reef there is coral bleaching which is when the water is too warm the coral basically slowly dies and it looses its color. The dives at the house reef we had to learn skills like removal of your mask under water or removal of your regulator. The regulator is what gives you your air. The two dives that were farther away were extremely beautiful and there were a ton more turtles and sharks. The sharks were reef sharks which meant they weren’t interested in humans and only ate smaller things like fish. I’m so glad I got certified so I can see the depths of the blue ocean.

    The joy I felt in the Maldive ocean set a foundation for a life time as waterman.


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Oscar Patton

Sounds like an incredible experience and trip. Scuba diving sounds like a blast.


You use really good descriptors to set the scene. I can totally picture this place and your scuba and surfing experience. I think it's awesome that they name the waves there. Nice essay!

Andrew Heinze

I can picture your scuba diving trip perfectly based on how much detail you used. I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving and this essay makes me want to go even more. In your opening paragraph you may want to add some detail about being on the sea plane. I have been on one and there really cool.


Your first sentence is almost as good as your at one. You manejes to open your essay with an awesome line, and you closed your essay with an awesome line. Great job, I learned a lot about the Maldives!

Lukas Zhang

The amount of detail in the essay is incredible. It must’ve been a remarkable journey because you remembered every single detail of it. All your descriptions were very helpful, I could picture your entire experience in my head. The plane ride must’ve been painful.

timothy hibben

this was such a cool detailed post. I've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive.

Fru nkimbeng

Nice job Matthew on this essay. I really learned a lot about scuba diving. Who knew they named the waves pretty cool. I think u accidentally said summer narrative twice but it’s ok

Michael A

Wow, that’s an exotic and really cool vacation. I think that you clearly stated the really cool things you did there really well and also explained where you were too. In general a great and well written essay, good job Mathew.

Luke F

I love the amount of detail you included! It made me feel like an could have been right beside you. I could picture every moment as it happened. Overall a great essay and it sounds like a fun trip!


Another good story! It is interesting and detailed. What it needs is to grow from a travel journal into an essay that explores the themes within the story. You have not quite stated that theme (or themes) in your opening paragraph. Do that and add some reflections about how these themes are important in this specific experience of your life. Then it will be winner!

Michael L

Nice job. Your trip sounds great, and I love how much detail you included. Scuba diving sounds awesome. Great job!

Conor Kennealy

This was great. I liked how you went into large detail about the scuba certification and training. It seemed like hard work that had a great reward. Great job

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