Summer Narrative
A Shift

Primitive Dialogue

It Doesn’t Work

By Matthew, Luke and Tim

“It’s not working?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, it’s out of power. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken that joyride to steal George Washington’s cherry tree!

“Well it’s not my fault that those cherries are so good.”

“What year is it anyway, John?”

“Ummm.. about 300 million years B.C., the Jurassic period.”

“You’re saying we’re stuck here with dinosaurs?”

“Basically, yes. Though we could possibly use T-Rex urine as a fuel source! It’s high in carbohydrates!”

“Sounds simple enough, we just need to steal T-Rex urine.”

“I’m guessing there’s probably one T-Rex over by the watering hole, over there!”

“Sounds good, I’ll grab this chankahankagluey leaf, and you grab that sharp rock.”

“Quickly, put the leaf to his nose!”

“Wow he’s falling asleep!’

“Ok, now stab his face.”


“Now give me the rock so I can harvest the bladder.”

“Nice work Jimmy! Now we can get back to our time!”

“Thanks so much John!”


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Andrew heinze

Interesting writing peice. It really started to take a turn toward the end and the Dino seemed like a great food source

Oscar Patton

This is a very creative approach to the assignment. It made laugh super duper hard.

Conor Kennealy

Very cool. Very intriguing stiry

Daniel Haines

Great wording in the essay I was a little confused on the start of the story but other then that I was very interesting on how they were back in the Jurassic time.


I like the approach you took by bringing the characters back to Jurassic period. The dialogue is good between the characters.

Michael A

Very interesting story Matthew, I do like how you approached this though it was a little short. Good job over all though.

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