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The Power of Family


Supporting Each Other


“Lean on me, when you're not strong and I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on”

-Bill Withers

    A large family means help is always there. The benefit of having a large extended family is that I have many trusted people who love and care for me. When I have had challenges, my larger family has been there to support me. When I had my knee injury I was not able to participate in sports so I did the musical at school. Some of my extended family came to support me and watch the musical. Scared, nervous, and excited, I was standing on a block in the middle of the stage for the opening scene. I knew when the curtain opened that my family would be in the seats and they would love me no matter how I did. The tech crew pulled the ropes and the curtain opened. I saw my family clapping and smiling. I immediately felt comfortable and happy on stage. My family has been there for me in big and small ways. I feel lucky to have a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles who care for me. Also I have some cousins that live close to me. Sometimes I invite my cousin Max who lives down the street over to play pool, video games or just catch up. For the cousins that live far away I am able to talk and connect with them during reunions or via text. Sometimes I’m having a bad day and I get a funny SnapChat from one of my cousins that makes me smile. At reunions or family vacations I feel safe to share my struggles with my cousins or other family members. My grandparents have been especially supportive of me. I want to always have my family here for me and I will always be there for them. 


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Oscar Patton

Great paragraph, I know how hard it is to have an injury and be out of sports for a while and family is very important during those times.

Lukas Zhang

Amazing paragraph, it’s always nice to have a huge family, you do get a lot of support and help from them.

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