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Thanksgiving Narrative Paragraph

Lost Luggage, Found Heart


“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”
- Michael J. Fox

    What matters in life is who you are with and not the things you have. I realized how much I value the time I get to spend with my family. It isn’t cool electronics or fancy clothes that will support you during hard times it is family that will. It was Thanksgiving break three years ago and my family was getting ready to fly down to Florida. We were flying down to Florida to my grandparents house to meet up with the rest of my Family for a reunion. For the days before the trip I had been checking the weather, packing the my things and making sure I got everything in the bag. Perfect planning had gone into packing my bag for the right weather. At that time my parents thought I was incapable of bringing my luggage in so my Dad was charged with bringing my bag in. Somehow in the rush of getting out of the car my bag was left in back seat of the car. I did not know that my luggage was left until I got to Florida. Once I got there I realized that I would not be needing my luggage to have a great time with my family. Even when my grandmother wanted to take a photo for the her Christmas it didn’t matter that I only had my cousins borrowed clothes to wear. Having the perfect outfit did not matter it was being together that really counted. Ever time we are packing for a family reunion we talk about the forgotten luggage. It was a really wonderful Thanksgiving together with all my cousins.

The Power of Hard Times

The Way Out is Through


“Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself.”
- Khalid

    The most helpful lessons are learned from hard times, and I learned some important life lessons when I learned that my Grandfather needed to battle lung cancer. I learned from Grandaddy that you can’t give up on life when facing death; I learned that staying positive is the best way through hard times. Late last year, my family found out that my Grandfather had cancer that was diagnosed. What possible good reason could there be for my Grandfather to find out that he had lung cancer right before Christmas. The worst Christmas present he could get. One of the things that I most admire about my Grandfather is that he stayed so positive since diagnosing and through his 10 months of treatment. There were countless times where rather than being sad, he was positive and made it possible for us to truly enjoy our time with him because he remained confident that everything would work out. He has been showing positivity is throughout this whole process even when he has been uncomfortable. Not once has he complained. He stays positive and does not focus on what is not optimal but he focus on his family and positivity. At the beginning of the process he became extremely thirsty all the time and he was drinking massive amounts of water and sodas. He did not complain. He said positive and he was present for his family during a get together. His trait of positivity has been passed to me and I aspire to be as positive as him. I would describe myself as a positive person but I believe that I can be even more positive like him. Positivity can help anyone in any part of life. Whether it is working out a conflict or just complementing someone. Positivity is one of the most important aspects of life and if one does not have positivity, they can not live a full life.

Power of Place

Independence is Power


“Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”
- Joesph Campbell

    The excitement of independence can make a place powerful. Personal responsibility and freedom create a independence for me that makes me love Chapoquoit Island. Riding my bike where ever and when ever I want, sailing by my self in the harbor, being with friends without parents around running to the beach on my skim board at sunset are just a few of the things that make me feel as grown up as I can feel as a fourteen year old kid. Of all of these things riding my bicycle makes me feel the most free. In the summer, my friends and I use bikes to get around everywhere around Chapoquoit. We use them, whether day or night, to go to the store, the beach club, each other’s houses or where ever we need to go. Being able to pedal off to the beach, whenever I want, without needing my parents help, fills my heart with freedom. When my friends and I text to meet at the bridge at tide and we all ride our bikes to meet there, we are able to jump off into the harbor as many times we wish. Independence is extremely important in learning some important lessons in life. Independence can also just give someone space to think. I only wish that Fall, Winter and Spring had the same level of independence imbedded in them as my summers at Chapoquoit do.

Leader of the Pack

Matthew Nicholas
Freshman English
The Call of the Wild Analysis

Perseverance on the Sled Trail


“He was beaten (he knew that); but he was not broken”
-(Chapter I, Call of the Wild By Jack London)

    Buck rushed in and at the last moment came low to the ground and crunched down on the snow white left fore leg. Again Buck rushed and took out Spitz’s right fore leg. While Spitz was in agony he struggled to keep up. Spitz looked around and saw the hungry circle of dogs closing in on him. The tongues of the dogs were out and the teeth were showing like they were ready to bite. Buck finally takes down his rival Spitz in a fight to the death that required great patience and determination. In the book, The Call of the Wild, Buck is a sled dog who came from domestic upbringing. Buck would not give up even when it seemed impossible that he would succeed. He developed determination and resilience in situations such as the fight with Spitz and the killing of the moose. Buck was born a domesticated dog but through his journey as a sled dog he gets in touch with his wild dog roots which include the trait to preserve and be a leader.


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The Power of Passion


Surfing in Nicaragua


“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”

-Sabrina Bryan

    Passion gives one the drive to learn and persevere. My passion of surfing made me want to get better and to stick with it even when I fell off the board again and again. My family decided to go on a Christmas vacation in Nicaragua three years ago. We were excited that one of the main activities was surfing. Our family has tried surfing in Nantucket but the waves were small and the water was freezing. We decided we wanted to try learn how to surf and we needed at least 5 days in row to get the technique down. When we got to Nicaragua, the first few days the lessons were in the late morning and early afternoon. The water was warm and the waves were good due to the tides and weather. The last two days we had to get up early to be able to surf. On the final day, we had to get up before sunrise in order to have any waves due to the tidal shift and our flight home. It was dark and cold before the sun came up. However, I didn’t care because I wanted to surf as much as I could. I was starting to get long rides and my instructor, Riley, was letting me use his small board for doing tricks. I still remember that morning and the sun coming up as we paddled out to the surf break. I couldn’t have gotten out of bed early on vacation for anything less that my passion, surfing. When I was on my board there were times that I got discouraged. Yet I loved the feeling of riding the waves when I got it right. In the end, my passion for surfing was what made me want to continue in the tough times.