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Independence is Power


“Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”
- Joesph Campbell

    The excitement of independence can make a place powerful. Personal responsibility and freedom create a independence for me that makes me love Chapoquoit Island. Riding my bike where ever and when ever I want, sailing by my self in the harbor, being with friends without parents around running to the beach on my skim board at sunset are just a few of the things that make me feel as grown up as I can feel as a fourteen year old kid. Of all of these things riding my bicycle makes me feel the most free. In the summer, my friends and I use bikes to get around everywhere around Chapoquoit. We use them, whether day or night, to go to the store, the beach club, each other’s houses or where ever we need to go. Being able to pedal off to the beach, whenever I want, without needing my parents help, fills my heart with freedom. When my friends and I text to meet at the bridge at tide and we all ride our bikes to meet there, we are able to jump off into the harbor as many times we wish. Independence is extremely important in learning some important lessons in life. Independence can also just give someone space to think. I only wish that Fall, Winter and Spring had the same level of independence imbedded in them as my summers at Chapoquoit do.


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Oscar Patton

I like how you talk about the freedom you get from this place it’s such a great feeling and you described it well.


A nice take and theme to develop. It makes me wish I was young again! I lived for a spell on the Vineyard. This reminds me ofthose days. Thanks for a great story.


I totally agree with both your broad and narrow theme. I also wish there was more independence during the school year like there is in the summer. Nice paragraph.

Andrew heinze

This was a wonderful peice that captures all of the possibilities you have during the summer. It must be great to live in a place where everything is within biking distance


Nice job on this esssy Mathew. Great job using imagery and actions when describing your special place, good work.

Timothy Hibben

What a great essay, reminds me much of my summers before I started sailing at Wianno

Lukas Zhang

The picture scared me for a second, I thought you were jumping off a bridge. I later learned from your descriptive essay that you were just having fun.

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