The Power of Hard Times
A Child’s Christmas in Wales Literary Analysis

Thanksgiving Narrative Paragraph

Lost Luggage, Found Heart


“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”
- Michael J. Fox

    What matters in life is who you are with and not the things you have. I realized how much I value the time I get to spend with my family. It isn’t cool electronics or fancy clothes that will support you during hard times it is family that will. It was Thanksgiving break three years ago and my family was getting ready to fly down to Florida. We were flying down to Florida to my grandparents house to meet up with the rest of my Family for a reunion. For the days before the trip I had been checking the weather, packing the my things and making sure I got everything in the bag. Perfect planning had gone into packing my bag for the right weather. At that time my parents thought I was incapable of bringing my luggage in so my Dad was charged with bringing my bag in. Somehow in the rush of getting out of the car my bag was left in back seat of the car. I did not know that my luggage was left until I got to Florida. Once I got there I realized that I would not be needing my luggage to have a great time with my family. Even when my grandmother wanted to take a photo for the her Christmas it didn’t matter that I only had my cousins borrowed clothes to wear. Having the perfect outfit did not matter it was being together that really counted. Ever time we are packing for a family reunion we talk about the forgotten luggage. It was a really wonderful Thanksgiving together with all my cousins.


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A great writing piece; a great message, and a way-cool podcast. Nice work. (A couple of typos, if you can find them...)

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