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The Power of Hard Times

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“Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself.”
- Khalid

    The most helpful lessons are learned from hard times, and I learned some important life lessons when I learned that my Grandfather needed to battle lung cancer. I learned from Grandaddy that you can’t give up on life when facing death; I learned that staying positive is the best way through hard times. Late last year, my family found out that my Grandfather had cancer that was diagnosed. What possible good reason could there be for my Grandfather to find out that he had lung cancer right before Christmas. The worst Christmas present he could get. One of the things that I most admire about my Grandfather is that he stayed so positive since diagnosing and through his 10 months of treatment. There were countless times where rather than being sad, he was positive and made it possible for us to truly enjoy our time with him because he remained confident that everything would work out. He has been showing positivity is throughout this whole process even when he has been uncomfortable. Not once has he complained. He stays positive and does not focus on what is not optimal but he focus on his family and positivity. At the beginning of the process he became extremely thirsty all the time and he was drinking massive amounts of water and sodas. He did not complain. He said positive and he was present for his family during a get together. His trait of positivity has been passed to me and I aspire to be as positive as him. I would describe myself as a positive person but I believe that I can be even more positive like him. Positivity can help anyone in any part of life. Whether it is working out a conflict or just complementing someone. Positivity is one of the most important aspects of life and if one does not have positivity, they can not live a full life.


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Oscar Patton

I like how you described the feeling of freedom you get from this place I can relate summer is the best!


This is perfect. I sat with your granddaddy once during the soccer game. You is an interesting and wise person. You capture how lucky you are to have him as a grandfather and how much you have learned from his positive outlook on life, even when facing death.


I like how you focus your paragraph around the power of positivity. You make a convincing argument for why it has helped your grandfather.


This may have been a hard time, but you really looked on the positive . This was a hard time but it sounds like you and your family handled it well. Nice job.

Andrew Pesce

Amazing essay with great images.


Great paragraph Mattthew. It sounds like your grandfather is a great man and you care a lot about him. I can relate to the hardship but you did an outstanding job putting power and love being the experience. Keep up the great work.

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