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Surfing in Nicaragua


“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”

-Sabrina Bryan

    Passion gives one the drive to learn and persevere. My passion of surfing made me want to get better and to stick with it even when I fell off the board again and again. My family decided to go on a Christmas vacation in Nicaragua three years ago. We were excited that one of the main activities was surfing. Our family has tried surfing in Nantucket but the waves were small and the water was freezing. We decided we wanted to try learn how to surf and we needed at least 5 days in row to get the technique down. When we got to Nicaragua, the first few days the lessons were in the late morning and early afternoon. The water was warm and the waves were good due to the tides and weather. The last two days we had to get up early to be able to surf. On the final day, we had to get up before sunrise in order to have any waves due to the tidal shift and our flight home. It was dark and cold before the sun came up. However, I didn’t care because I wanted to surf as much as I could. I was starting to get long rides and my instructor, Riley, was letting me use his small board for doing tricks. I still remember that morning and the sun coming up as we paddled out to the surf break. I couldn’t have gotten out of bed early on vacation for anything less that my passion, surfing. When I was on my board there were times that I got discouraged. Yet I loved the feeling of riding the waves when I got it right. In the end, my passion for surfing was what made me want to continue in the tough times.


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I liked the photo you used as it was yourself. Your descriptions of what passion gives one is clear and concise. Finally, I thought your conclusion was well written.

Oscar Patton

Nothing like surfing in Nicaragua! I love water sports too, it’s great to connect to the ocean, this sounds like a great Christmas.


This is excellent but it needs a more specific one/two punch. Your last two lines would make a good one two punch!

Luke F

I’m loving the specificities of the vocab. All of your transitions were smooth and made the paragraph flow very well!


This sounds like a crazy Christmas. It must have been on elf the coolest ever. This is on elf the best essays I’ve read! Keep up the good work.

Lukas Zhang

It’s nice how you expressed your love for surfing clearly in the paragraph. You described every scene well and made surfing sound really interesting and stated the theme well. Great job

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