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January 2019

New Experiences

Meeting New People


“His story being ended with his pipe's last dying puff, Queequeg embraced me, pressed his forehead against mine, and blowing out the light, we rolled over from each other.”

- Herman Melville

    It doesn’t matter if you look different, sound different or come from different upbringings, it is possible to find similarities. In finding common ground with new people you often learn something. Not everything that we learn is from a book or in the classroom. Some of the greatest of life’s lessons are learned in the process of making new friends. Last summer I went to The Island School for a week long camp. There were only twelve kids in the group so we got to know each other well. There were three other boys in my room who I was the closest to on the trip. One boy, Arthur, was from a nearby island in the Bahamas called Nassau. The two other kids were from the United States. We all enjoyed sharing stories about our culture and other crazy stuff. Arthur even told us one story about a school wide fight between his school and another school during a basketball game. He said that people pulled knives out and some kids got seriously hurt. I learned that I am grateful to be to be able to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. He also taught me a card game called Peanut Butter. It is a small thing but something like that is a good way to connect with new friends. I have taught other friends the card game and told them about Arthur. I learned a lot of lessons from him some big and some small. However, I realized that it is not necessary to always have similarities with people to connect with them. You can also create bonds with people by sharing experiences.

Wisdom or Happiness and Ignorance?

Wisdom Leads to Happiness


“Our happiness depends on wisdom all the way.”
- Sophocles

    I would rather be wise than happy and ignorant. I think that wisdom can lead to happiness in many ways. Also I think being ignorant would be hard and I wouldn’t like being oblivious to certain things. First, I think that sharing my wisdom with others would bring me joy. Such as giving someone insight on a mistake I made so that they wouldn’t the same mistake or helping someone understand a new concept. Second, I think that using my experience to bring change and make a difference to a larger group could bring me great satisfaction. Such as helping the two main political parties come together rather than moving apart or helping the world come to peace or agree on how we can stop global warming. Third and lastly, I think that being able to learn from mistakes, grow and develop would bring me happiness. If you are able to continue to change and evolve as a person then you are never stuck. For example, I have grown as a person in the last six months. I have become a better writer and I have improved my critical thinking skills. If I were ignorant I wouldn’t be able to learn from mistakes or grow. I would just make the same mistakes again. In a life full of wisdom and good judgement I can imagine making decisions that will lead to successes in what ever I am doing. I imagine having children and passing down the lessons and knowledge I have gained throughout my life. A life that I want to live includes wisdom and happiness not ignorance.