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Wisdom or Happiness and Ignorance?

Wisdom Leads to Happiness


“Our happiness depends on wisdom all the way.”
- Sophocles

    I would rather be wise than happy and ignorant. I think that wisdom can lead to happiness in many ways. Also I think being ignorant would be hard and I wouldn’t like being oblivious to certain things. First, I think that sharing my wisdom with others would bring me joy. Such as giving someone insight on a mistake I made so that they wouldn’t the same mistake or helping someone understand a new concept. Second, I think that using my experience to bring change and make a difference to a larger group could bring me great satisfaction. Such as helping the two main political parties come together rather than moving apart or helping the world come to peace or agree on how we can stop global warming. Third and lastly, I think that being able to learn from mistakes, grow and develop would bring me happiness. If you are able to continue to change and evolve as a person then you are never stuck. For example, I have grown as a person in the last six months. I have become a better writer and I have improved my critical thinking skills. If I were ignorant I wouldn’t be able to learn from mistakes or grow. I would just make the same mistakes again. In a life full of wisdom and good judgement I can imagine making decisions that will lead to successes in what ever I am doing. I imagine having children and passing down the lessons and knowledge I have gained throughout my life. A life that I want to live includes wisdom and happiness not ignorance.


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