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A Frosty Morning


“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.”

-Herman Melville

    The world is truly beautiful, especially covered with snow. When I walk into school on a cold and snowy day I love looking at the scenery and enjoy the fresh air (even if it is cold). The car slowly pulls in to the Fenn driveway in the morning and I can hear the snow crunching as we drive by. As far as I can see I see the whiteness of the snow on the fields and on turf. The car stops at the red light waiting for the signal to go. As the car pulls in I get ready my bags and my self ready to step out of the car and into the frigid air. I step out of the car and onto the asphalt. I jump up onto the walk way and immediately I hear the snow crunch under my shoes. I walk towards the Boll Building with the snow crunching all the way. I enjoy and shiver in the cold but fresh air. I am waiting to see who is sitting in the blue dotted couches.

The start to my day always happens in the gym lobby on the comfy and cosy couches. I immediately socialize with my friends and settle into the school atmosphere. Kids are always making jokes or talking about the sports game before either for Fenn or a professional game. My friends always help wake me up by either talking loudly or just shaking me around. The exciting part is sometimes seeing who is sitting there and what they are doing. Some people are doing homework before class, listening to music and just talking. 


If you don’t start your day on a good note then you will end it on a sour one. 








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