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Moby Dick Reflection

WW Fenn Literary Reflection

Picking the Perfect Piece


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

-Robert Frost

    Picking a piece is difficult and important. If you don’t pick a good and meaningful piece you will just memorize it and forget it. The piece also has to be the right length. If a piece is too long or short. If it is short it will be easy to memorize it but it might not be as meaningful. If it is too long it might be overwhelming and you might not be able to memorize it. When I was told I would have to do a classic piece for WW Fenn I immediately thought of Alfred Lord Tennyson. So I looked into which piece by him I liked the most. I ended up choosing Crossing The Bar By Alfred Lord Tennyson because my grandfather studied him. So I was interested in his work. I also felt as if Crossing The Bar is extremely meaningful and I could use it later in life. The poem is about life, death and the bar in between. I think that Crossing The Bar is a great piece and I can’t wait to recite it in class. 



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