Moby Dick Reflection
Poem #2

Crows and Swallows

    I found three poems that “worked” for me. The first was It is a Beach Day at Camp. I think this poem worked for me because I was able to relate to it in some aspects. I love surfing and always have so when I saw the word surfing I got exited about reading this poem. For me a beach day at this camp sounds super fun. I also liked the line “and several gallons of sun screen.” The second poem that worked for me was People Seem Surprised to See Me. I liked this poem because I remember Windsor Mountain and the welcoming community there. I also remember vespers and the amazing stories that were told there. I remember all the fun times our grade had there. The last poem that worked for me was You are Watching the Sun. I liked this one because during the summer on cape cod my house is in West Falmouth and Buzzard’s Bay. I watch the sunset a lot from the beach or my house. 

A Beautiful Sunrise Hike


With burning heat,

Aching knees,

Big fluffy clouds,

And heavy air which felt wet from the rain from the night before.


We were hiking around the point to Pasture Bay 

A beautiful bay with soft, silky sand

We went on a dirt path,

That went up

And down

And up

And back down again.


Finally we turned the last corner.

I saw the picnic area 

And I could immediately smell the sizzling bacon,

We practically sprinted the rest of the hike to satisfy our aching bellies. 


We reached the picnic table,

And were told that we had to wait for our parents.

Our parents walked like slugs and were going to take a long time,

Finally the parents arrived. 


We all scurried up to the food and stop!

The moms blocked our way, 

Grandparents first....



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