Walden Writing Prompt 3
Power of Place #2

Journaling about Place

Nature in the Middle of the City


“Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

- John Muir

    People as far as the eye can see. The grass covered with people standing, sitting and lying down. People playing music, soccer, football, tag you name it. The common is the center of Cambridge and is covered in green and flourishing grass. Anytime I am in Cambridge I walk through the common to get to Harvard Square. When I walk by I see people having fun and playing with their children. Here I am, sitting on a cool bench in the middle of a small city alone. I am here alone with my thoughts. I am surrounded by others but somehow I feel strangely alone. I see little kids playing soccer on little PUG nets. The grass is already fully grown from winter. I can see myself playing soccer when I was little. I look at the statue in the exact middle of all of the common and see the Gettysburg Address. I think of WWFenn, my school, my teachers and my friends. I’m wishing that I wasn’t in the city and I was back in Concord with my friends. I am wishing that I am playing soccer or basketball in my driveway. So I decide to get up and get back to Concord my home. 


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Your reflection on feeling alone even though you're in a busy city it really powerful and insightful. Nice post.

Michael L

Excellent work Matthew, this is great. The amount of detail you have is superb, and the head and heart Reflection is very good.

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