Journaling about Place
Literary Analysis

Power of Place #2

Making Baskets and Connections


“It is good people who make good places.”
Anna Sewell

    It’s where the morning starts and connection happens. The community at Fenn means a lot to me and other than Ward Hall the New Gym is the hub of our community. Community is central to my life because through community we can make it through helps tough times and celebrate good ones. Back when I was in forth grade, I remember walking into the gym and meeting my big brother, Chewy. I also remember this year meeting my little brother, Chris. Big brother, little brother is a form of connecting students to each other and the community. Some big brothers and little brothers spend their Thursday morning playing basketball or soccer in the gym. When I first met my big brother Chewy I remember being scared to talk to him or have a conversation. I realize now that he was extremely considerate and caring. He always made sure that I was comfortable in the situation I was in. We spent our mornings playing gym soccer. He would always pass me the ball and make sure that I had the chance to score. So, this year (and last year) when I have had a little brother, I have tried to make sure that my little brother is comfortable and having fun. Once we joined a big basketball game and I realized that he wasn’t getting the ball much and didn’t look happy. So, I asked him if he wanted to make a smaller game and he said yes. Big Brother goes to show that the gym can be a great place to get closer to someone through sports and fun. I feel that being in the gym you have a chance to make friends and keep friends just through a game of basketball. The gym isn’t just a place for me, it’s a place where I can have fun and get to know people better. It’s a place where you can learn new things about people. It’s where connection happens and the morning starts.


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You bring the joy of being in the gym to a new level by tying it into your experience as a big brother in your experience as a little brother. It is personal and real and compelling. Nice job on this!

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