Walden Writing Prompt 2
Walden Writing Prompt 3

Seasons Haikus

A Set of 16 Haikus



The leaves slowly falling

Hitting the ground

Signs of winter are appearing 


Breath is visible

The white snow is cold and fluffy

Winter is hear


The bare trees

Shaking in the cold air

Wanting leaves to cover themselves 


Long sharpe ice

Hanging from the gutters

Ready to fall on anything that moves



When I think of winter I think of the cold and fluffy snow. I think of sledding and snow day activities. I think of tree being a person and how cold that person would be. My inspiration just came from anything that flowed. Whatever came to my head I would write down and then I would edit to make it better. 




Leaves turning red

Like blood

Slowly dying


Leaves covering the ground

The crunch under each step

The load noise hurting my ears


Soccer balls flying

Fields being lined

Signs of fall are here


The signs of summer fading 

Fall is coming

The everyone missing the beaches



For fall I think of sports. Mostly I think of soccer but I think of other sports as well. I also think about leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. I think about summer that I just came back from. I think about the warm blue water that I cant be in anymore. 




Leaves blooming

Trees being covered

Shade being formed


Warm humid air

Slowly filling 

The giant atmosphere



Lacrosse balls, tennis balls

The spring sports season has started 


Cold night

Warmer day 

I can’t wait to play soccer this day



When I think about spring I think about flowers and plants come to life. I think of everything being revived after winter. I think of sports, friends, people and activities I’m writing what flows and what comes to my head. 





Spring is finished

People racing to the beaches

The smell of salt 


Salty hair hitting my face

Sand hitting my feet

Sails filling with wind


Boats being launched

Gliding through the water

Hitting the big waves of the bay


Tennis balls souring everywhere


Ouch right in the face



I think about sailing, water, sports and friends when I think about summer. I think about sail boats, motor boats or any kind of boat. I think of biking around with my friends on bikes. Going to get candy or a soda at the West Falmouth Market. 


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