Leader of the Pack

Matthew Nicholas
Freshman English
The Call of the Wild Analysis

Perseverance on the Sled Trail


“He was beaten (he knew that); but he was not broken”
-(Chapter I, Call of the Wild By Jack London)

    Buck rushed in and at the last moment came low to the ground and crunched down on the snow white left fore leg. Again Buck rushed and took out Spitz’s right fore leg. While Spitz was in agony he struggled to keep up. Spitz looked around and saw the hungry circle of dogs closing in on him. The tongues of the dogs were out and the teeth were showing like they were ready to bite. Buck finally takes down his rival Spitz in a fight to the death that required great patience and determination. In the book, The Call of the Wild, Buck is a sled dog who came from domestic upbringing. Buck would not give up even when it seemed impossible that he would succeed. He developed determination and resilience in situations such as the fight with Spitz and the killing of the moose. Buck was born a domesticated dog but through his journey as a sled dog he gets in touch with his wild dog roots which include the trait to preserve and be a leader.


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