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The Power of Family

                                The time I got lost

                          Fru Nkimbeng



  Family is not an important thing, it’s everything- Unkown    

When times are tough, you look to your family to sweeten things out. It was my family that found me when I got lost at the soccer field. I will never take for granted what my family does for me, because I now know that when the world turns on you, they’ll be the only ones there to support you. When I was a little kid, i always looked up to my parents, and siblings. Everywhere I went my family was with me. The way I was brought up was that, when times are tough, and your friends aren’t there for you to lean on, you’re family will always be there to support you. In the year 14, I learned how important my family was when I returned home in Lowell Massachusetts, after getting lost at soccer practice with no way to communicate them. I arrived at the field at around 5:30 Pm. When my parents left I waved them goodbye, then I headed to the field. When I got to the field there was nobody there and I was so scared. Turns out practice had been canceled. Unfortunately for me at the time, I didn’t have a phone so there was no way for me to reach my parents. I went around asking people if I could use their phones but they all just kept on saying no. It was until about 30 minutes later where I was able to call my mom and she rushed over to the field to pick me up.I didn’t realize how much I needed my parents until something bad happened to me.When I got left at the field, I tried asking people for help but they all ignored me and didn’t respond. I felt really bad and I was sad. Although this day was horrible, coming home to my family made it better. For me it only mattered that I was back home, and getting lost was just an experience to remember 


Primordial Beast

Fru Nkimbeng

Literally Reflection

Mr.Fitz’s Class



New Beginnings 



“I am convinced that different people awaken different beast in you”

- Unknown 


At some point in time your primordial beast will be released. In the book, The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London, Buck unleashes a beast that has been inside of him all his life. When he goes through a hard time he is able to release that beast and use it for the better.

The Call of the Wild, by Jack London is about a powerful dog named Buck who is half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, and lives on an estate in California’s Santa Clara Valley. He lives a comfortable life there, but it comes to an end when men discover gold in the Klondike region of Canada and a great demand arises for strong dogs to pull sleds. Buck is kidnapped by a gardener on the  estate and sold to dog traders, who teach Buck to obey by beating him with a club and, shipping him  to the Klondike. While he is at the Klondike, he starts learning things he’s never known, and things that he wouldn’t even think about when he was at Santa Clara Valley. Over sometime he realizes that things aren’t given to him and that they are earned through hard work. This is when the primordial beast starts setting. “He watched and learned. When he saw Pike, one of the new dogs, a clever malingerer and thief, slyly steal a slice of bacon when Perrault's back was turned, he duplicated the performance the following day, getting away with the whole chunk”. (The call of the wild, Jack London, pg. 34. This scene explains how buck is learning to be independent and learning that you have to work for things. If he was back at Santa Valley, the bacon would’ve been given to him, and he wouldn’t have had to work for it.

When I started reading this book I was already intrigued, because the main character was named after one of my friends. Before we started reading I was warned that there will be lots of words I didn’t know but I just thought that since I already successfully went through the odyssey, how bad could this book be. Turns out there are a lot of words I don’t know, but I’m actually happy because since I learned new words while reading it helped me on the Ssat. One thing that I have learned which I can translate in to my life from the book is that everything will not always be given to you. You’re parents might be giving you things now, but when you go to college and start paying bills you will have to work hard to get what you want.


The longer you keep you’re beast inside of you, the better it feels when you release it.







Living old school

                                                               The worst day of  our lives 

                                                                    By Fru Nkimbeng 





A clean house is sign of no internet connection- unkown

“Yo yo yo squad up in ten”

“Bet let me hop on, I’m bout to cook you”

“Ha funny”

“Yo we have a problem”


“Fortnite isn’t working”

“Oh shoot it doesn’t work for me either, the servers are probably down”

“Wait noo, google isn’t working either”

“What is HAPPENING?”

“I don’t know bro, but this is not good”

“How are we gonna survive without internet”

“Hunny the internet stopped working again”

“Ah I’ll get on it. Stupid WiFi, never wants to work”

“ um dear I think there’s something wrong with the internet. I’ve tried everything but nothing is working”

“ aw shucks, looks like we’ll be having to live old school for a while”

“Bro what are we gonna do with no internet”

“We could go outside and play football or basketball”

“Ya but I would rather play fortnite”

“Imagine how fenn will handle this, we could barely survive a half day imagine a whole one”

“They might have to cancel school”

“Big facts”

“Alright let’s play catch I’m bored”

“Ok pass”

“ oh my god no hands”

“Shut up buddy that was a horrible throw”

“You know what this isn’t fun, I NEEED MY PHONE”. NOW. Let’s go inside it’s getting dark anyways”

“I know right I wonder how the old people survived without internet”

“ lol im pretty sure they used birds, typewriters, and pens with feathers on them”

“ lol wait since we don’t have any internet does that mean we are gonna be living in the dark and have to use candles”

“I don’t know bro but lately I’ve been having dreams about ghost coming into my room while I’m sleeping and if there’s no power, Tonight is not gonna be a good scene.”

“Ha bummer, your a 14 year old who still has nightmares about ghost, what a nerd”

“Shut up”, they don’t always happen just sometimes”

“Bro I’m tired let’s go to bed”

“ agreed, this day has been crazy, when the internet comes back, we’ll look back to this day and think about the things we did and how miserable we were”

“ ya lol, “Living old school”

“ I like that, that would be a great title to a story”