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November 2018


     Power of Thanksgiving 


Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast

                time to hang out with family and friends. I love thanksgiving and it is one of my favorite holidays. Every thanksgiving I and my family  go to church to give food to the homeless then we  go to my cousins house to hangout and chomp on amazing food. At the end of thanksgiving we are always bloated with food, and we end the day by either spending 30 minutes in the bathroom, or just going on a full out snooze fest. What I love most about my thanksgiving is the fact that there’s a schedule that we do every year, and this year was no different. It was a cold snowy day in Lowell Massachusetts, I woke up feeling very happy because I knew today was gonna be a good day. I did all my chores and then I headed to church happily  even though I was running  on a hungry stomach because I knew what today held for me. I arrived at church at around 10:15, got my gloves and I was ready to serve. The menu is always the same but the importance of this day and the people we serve are always different. My job was to serve the mash potatoes. What I love most about this job is the reaction on people’s faces when I give them the food, and also just knowing that I am helping people who are less fortunate than me. After serving the mash potatoes, I was able to do my favorite job which is giving out the pie. I love this job. Because it’s so hectic, as pie is a fan favorite. For some reason when I’m giving out the pie I feel like I’m an actual waiter, and I’m always screaming “get your pies” “free pies” “take em or leave em”. It’s so much fun. When I’m done giving out food to the homeless, I go to my cousins house to have a meal of my own. This is  always a great way to end my thanksgiving because I get to spend time with the people who I love and who I’m thankful for. Thanksgiving is always a holiday that I look forward too, and I can’t wait for this years thanksgiving to happen.

The Power of Place

My room


       The best dreams happen in your room


     Everyone has a place where they feel safe. For me, my room is a place where I rely on to  do homework, and have fun.  I love my room a lot, and I am in it for more than half of my day. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a room. It is a place where I am most productive and I feel good when I’m in there.Everyday  when I get home, I immediately enter my room. I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. I came home, and rushed into my room and locked the door. I knew for the next few hours, I would have to be very productive if I wanted to finish my homework, and have time to study for a test. When I entered my room I immediately started doing my homework. Math was the first task I decided to do. After 30 minutes I was done with math. Next was Latin. I grinded that out in ten minutes. I decided to take a break, and before I knew it, it was 9:00. I was so worried because I had like 2 hours to complete an essay, study for ssat, and do science. My mom called me up for dinner but I told Her that the only way I’m eating dinner is if it’s in my room. She agreed, and I was so happy. After working hard in my room I finished my homework at around 11:50. I was very happy that I was able to do this. I don’t know how I would’ve done this if I wasn’t so comfortable and hardworking in my room. Everybody has that special place where they can do whatever, what’s yours?

The Call of the Wild


Fru Nkimbeng

Literary analysis 

Mr. Fitz’s class



New Beginnings


When Perrault's back was turned, he duplicated the performance the following day, getting away with the whole chunk”.

[The Call of the Wild, Jack London, Chapter 2]


       His  eyes opened up and his nose started tingling to the smell of the hot crisp bacon. After seeing Pike sneak a piece into his mouth, there was only one thing Buck could do. He waited for Perrault to turn his back then he swiftly made his move, moving so slick and quiet as a ninja. Mission accomplished, as Buck came back you could see the big pieces of bacon clinged onto his teeth. In the book The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, Buck has to unleash his primordial beast in order to survive. This was a great book to read, as it taught me many lessons I plan on using in my life.

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Power of Passion

         Your passion is something to die for






I would rather die of passion, than of boredom


              If your not having fun it’s not a passion.Basketball is something I love to do. Every single day of my life I go to the gym to play basketball. It’s something that I love and I find it very exciting, It was this summer, at the boys and girls club, where my whole basketball season ended because of 2 injuries. 

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