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January 2019

How i respond to new experiences and meeting new people who are very different from me?


Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know- Unknown 


I like new challenges and new experiences. When I am targeted with a new experience I embrace it and try my best to conquer it. Although I like the way things are in my life, I know that new things will keep on appearing in my life. *Ive come to a point in my life that when a new experience comes instead of being scared or shy, because I’m unsure what I’m getting myself into, I instead am  happy and excited for what awaits me*. When I’m meeting new people who are different from me I first get to know them before I start judging them. I learned this when I was at the fenn school. Many of the people who are my best friends right now,  are guys who I thought were weird or who I just wouldn’t have a good connection with. I am fully aware that even after I get to know someone, I still might not like them, so when that happens I strive to not make it too obvious that I don’t like the person. I might not talk to you as much as I talk to others, but I’ll say hi to you when I see you. I do this because I put myself in the other persons shoes. I wouldn’t want someone to ignore me and not talk to me for a reason that I don’t know about. When a challenge discovers me I’m always first to attack it.

Wise or dumb







If I had the chance to chose between being happy and dumb in the head or wise I would without a doubt chose to be wise, and here’s why. If I were happy and ignorant I really wouldnt be happy because I would be known as by others as the dumb kid. Although you don’t need   others to be happy that is a major factor, and other than your family your friends will constantly make fun of you for being dumb. I would chose to be wise because you can be happy and wise. Being wise is having good

judgement and being smart. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy. I would rather be smart and sometimes happy, than dumb and alway happy. A way I think of this is in two ways. One example is being a really smart professor, or being a class clown. You might be happy being a class clown but you are not known for doing anything your life, only making jokes. I know that being ignorant can mean a lot of things things in life but I interpret it as lacking knowledge and being dumb. I went around asking people what they would do and more than half agreed with me, so I feel like I am correct. I understand why people might want to be happy and ignorant but I feel like I can accomplish more being wise. 

In conclusion being wise is the way to go, as it will