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Crows and Swallows


After exploring through the poems on crows and swallows, I have decided that the three poems that work for me best are “I Come Home On Tuesday’s ,People Seem Suprised To See Me, and There Is Much To Chatter About Today. I like “Come Home On Tuesdays” because there are a lot of characters that I can imagine to be my parents or family friends. For example Drew. I would vision him to be my uncle Wilfred. The guy who is always far from everybody else but is always saying he is on his way. I chose “People Seem Suprised To See Me” because after reading the fourth line I felt connected because the author brought up Windsor mountain, and during my time at Fenn I spent a couple days there for field trip. I also like the line where the author said “we have never shared real words”, and that they just know each other by the waving they do every morning. Lastly I chose “There Is Much To Chatter About Today”, because of the clever world play. When the author talked about the leaves dropping disturbing summer, I thought to myself how good the line is since the leaves aren’t literally disturbing summer



There is nothing to do in life

there is nothing to do in life

except falling in love

with the people who don’t love you

or apologizing to someone

who could care less about your apology

or maybe skipping class

just so you wouldn’t go through that lecture

no that’s not it,

what about eating that sandwich

youre parents specifically told you 

not too, or leaving school early

to hang out with Tori from victorious 

wow after thinking about it

maybe there are a lot of things to do

in life