Season Haiku’s
Clothes and Shelter

Necessities In Life

Family over everything


Family and friends and hidden treasures.

Seek them and enjoy their riches


When asked what are the the true and most basic necessities in my life two things come to mind; family and hope. I don’t know what I would do without my family, they have been there for me since day one and I wouldn’t be the man I am without them. Through pain and discomfort my family has always been there for me and they are the ones who motivate me to succeed in life.

The second thing I need most in life is hope and that is for the times where my family isn’t there at the moment. Having hope is a key component in my life. I always have hope that I can achieve more, and that things will get better. I feel like if I lose this piece in me I will break down. I have been taught by my family that hard work pays off, and throughout my life I have had hope that things will start going well according to planned. My family and hope are the two most important things I need in my life and I couldn’t imagine what I would do with myself without them for a split second.



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