Necessities In Life

Clothes and Shelter


                                        Fru Nkimbeng

Economy Literary Reflection

Fitz’s Class







Appreciating What You Have


To live a life fulfilled reflects on the

things you have with gratitude 

- Jaren Davis

   Words never felt so meaningful. in Fitz English class I am reading Walden, by David Henry Thoreau. We are currently on chapter one: Economy. This chapter has enhanced my knowledge in ways I couldn’t imagine. During Economy Thoreau tackles two topics:shelter and clothes. He gives on point facts and opinions about how the world today treats clothes and shelter, compared to how he thinks they should treat it. At first I was quick to agree with what he is saying but after reading this chapter again I realized there are parts that I disagree with.him.


Thoreau starts by saying that when you are starting something new whether it’s a new job, or new school buying new clothes to him is not needed. He believes that since you were able to survive this long with the old clothes why throw them away to get new ones, while the old are still wearable.”On the whole, I think that it cannot be maintained that dressing has in this or any country risen to the dignity of an art.” I fully agree with this statement. I think that culture of clothes has grown to a place where if it’s expensive people will most likely buy it.“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”  This is a great statement by Thoreau, if you come to school with a pair of suspenders and dressy shoes you will mostly likely get made of, compared to if you come with the new Bape shirt and Yeezys. We are in a world where we look at the past as a bad thing and the new as the normal.

Thoreau then continued saying that the extra fancy and expensive things we have in our houses are unnecessary and a waste of money and hard-work. “Most men appear never to have considered what a house is, and are actually though needlessly poor all their lives because they think that they must have such a one as their neighbors have. “I fully agree with this statement. I feel like in the world we are in today it’s almost human nature to compare yourself to others, even on the small things. When you notice someone’s version of something is better than yours, most people are first to thinking that they need to improve themselves to be better than others, and that is completely wrong. You shouldn’t need to act different to impress others. Be yourself and don’t buy stuff to impress others.

This was an amazing chapter that made look at my life in a different way. I’m usually first to compare myself to others after noticing that they have something I don’t. I never thought of this as a bad thing until I read Thoreau. He was completely right about how men compare ourselves to others and how they forget about what really matters. I as a kid am I always first to wanting the new iPhone X or new shoes and Thoreau has now thought me not to think that way as it is unnecessary. He has taught me to be appreciative of what I have right now.

Coming into this reading I thought, what can a old professor teach a 14 year old boy forced to read his book. Turns out he can teach him a lot.






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Your personal reflection is really well-written, but I especially like your concluding two sentences! Nice job.

Timmy Smith

I really liked this. I thought you started out strong with the quote at the beginning from JarenDavis, and then the rest of the essay was also very good. Great job.

Ryan Lewis

I really enjoyed reading your essay, I espically liked your conclusion, it was short, but very meaningful. Great job on this essay.


You started strong and clear. I can see where your going with your piece. It is well explained during the whole piece. A lot of details and good quotes,

Michael L

Wow Fru, this is inspirational. I love your detail and conclusion the best.


Fru this is really good you use the quotes really well in your essay. Your conclusion is very well written as well.

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