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                                                    Pause for a moment and reflect

AI head to the dusty large basketball courts, I start to think to think about what I have been doing in my life. Over the weekend all I have been doing is staying home playing fortnite, and watching YouTube. I finally realized that this isn’t a good way to spend my time so I knew I had to go outside. As I kept on walking to my ten minute destination the wind started to blow and dust started getting into my eyes. I kept on thinking about my time management and how I will need that in high school. When I finally took a left after walking straight for ten minutes I finally arrived at the park. Seeing the red and blue slides and the dark red mulch I was in awe. I finally entered the courts and played basketball with a couple kids for about an hour. I played a total of three games and my teams record was 2-1. On my way home the sky was not happy as it started to pour things we call water. Like I did on my way to the park I was not able to reflect on my future while heading home because I was too distracted on not getting my cellular device wet. All in all I am very happy that I left the house as I was able to explore my thoughts and explore my future.


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Agree that Fortnite and Youtube can unknowingly take up a lot of time and lead us to miss out on being outside. Nice post.

Conor Kennealy

I agreed that taking a walk through nature can really make you reflect. I liked the raining sentence.


This is a great post. Being outside really does help one’s thinking. Nice post!

Michael L

Wow Fru I greatly relate with what you said bout how we should spend more time outside. Nice.


This is great becuase it is really well written and has a great overall theme. I try to do this myself but usually get caught up.

Timmy Smith

This was really good. I can also relate to spending too much time on devices, and I thought you used great imagery. Great job.

Michael A

Wow Fru this is really good. I relate to spending too much time on devices and I think it is important to give them up and go to a park or something. Great job overall.


Fru this is really good, you wrote like a diary where your wrote about yourself. There’s a lot of action, great job.

Andy Barton

Fru I like the way you describe the basketball courts. You used many descriptive adjectives. Good job!

McCliff Metellus

I really like the picture I also like the first sentence and how much detail you used.


Fur good job, I liked how you described the basketball courts. It help me put an image in my mind of where you really were. Although, I feel like you could’ve added a quote at the beginning to intrigue people to read mode.

Ryan Lewis

This was a great post, I really liked you opening sentences. You used a ton of detail to describe park and basketball court. Good job.

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