Necessities In Life

Season Haiku’s




The start of school

The end of summer break

Begins football season


Catching up with friends

After not seeing them 

That’s what fall is about


The joy of touchdowns

Rushing to homecoming 

For the tasty treats


Eying the leaves fall

Hoping for snow to come

Enjoying the view


When I was writing about haikus about this season I thought of the things I look forward to most during spring. Football and catching up with my friends I haven’t seen in a while. I knew I needed to somehow incorporate that into my writing so that’s what I did. For my last haiku I took a different approach talking about the scenery fall brings. The technique I used for this season was narrowing and expanding, and images and action. 




The white fluffy snow

Forcing you to stay inside

While drinking co co


Basketball season

The time to do what I love 

Couldn’t ask for better


The Fenn tournament 

Facing against Fay school

Win game or go home 


The countless hours

Of shoveling in the cold

Just to repeat later


When I was writing my winter haiku poems I reflected on why winter was my favorite season, and the rest was easy. I look forward to this season since I love playing basketball so much. During my fenn varsity basketball season I always looked forward to the tournament and hopefully facing Fay in the finals as they were the top dogs. What I don’t look forward to is shoveling. I’m literally out in the cold for hours. Its horrible. The technique I used for this season  was images on action. I felt like winter is a season where I do a lot of cool things and I wanted the reader to be able to imagine that.




Relaxing season

Sports I care about are done 

Now it’s time to chill


School applications 

The worst feeling in my life

Will things go as planned


The China essay

8 to ten pages of pain

For the grade I want


The game of tennis

The boring game of baseball

Memories at track


Spring is easily my least favorite season. The reason why is because the really isn’t any sport that I like so I don’t really do anything I find extremely fun to me. I just play sports because I have to. To go on with the fact that all the sports in spring are horrible it is also the season of school applications. The stress of finding out where you will be going next year is horrible. Lastly this 8-10 page China essay is just the cherry on top of why spring is my least favorite season. When I was writing my haikus of spring i used the images on images technique to create a picture of what happens during my spring season.




90 degree weather

Summer basketball league

Winning championships 


The joy of no school

The pain of not seeing friends

The blast of sleeping late


Vanilla ice cream 

Everlasting taste of goodness

Until the last lick


New songs coming out 

Listening to them on repeat

The joy of summer


For my summer haiku I decided to use an images on images approach. Summer is a great time and I wanted the reader to really see what happens during my summer season. 



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