Crows and Swallows

Three Poems

I Am Not Hungry


I am not hungry 

Then my eyes glance toward you

And I feel empty


Meta- when the time came to start this poem I was extremely hungry. I had gummies in my bag but I didn’t want to eat them. After time of fighting with myself I couldn’t resist and I decided to eat the gummies. I then turned this experience into a poem


Basketballs Jumping


Basketballs jumping 

Wit hope of making a shot

Just to realize you missed


Meta- basketball is my favorite thing to do and when I was stuck on what to write about I knew I could count on it. After figuring out my topic the rest just flowed and I was able to successfully right this haiku.


Who Is This Kid In The Mirror

Who is this kid in the mirror

7 foot 6 giant of handsomeness 

Dashing hair

Exquisite blue eyes

Perfectly ironed pants

With a Skin tone similar

To a bar of Nutella

O ya that’s right 

It’s Tacko fall, and 

He’s getting ready

For his Nba interview


Meta- after watching a nail biting win for duke I felt it was only right I talked about the game in any way I could. I decided to right about Tacko fall. A 7 foot 7 center who gave Zion Williamson (a projected top 3 pick in the Nba draft) some problems during the game. In the end I decided to add a twist that would make the reader keep thinking 


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