Sonnet #1

Slam Poem

I’ve been at fenn for six years 

I’m ready to leave

This ride was severe

But it’s over and I’m full of relief 

I made friends I made brothers

I learned how to support each other

Favorite teachers name is Fitz 

He taught me how not to quit

Favorite place is the gym

The only place I get wins

The food here is sketchy

Eating all on my plate is stretchy

Call me spike ball king

Cause when it comes to winning I’ll do anything

Fortnite mobile that game went global

I was beating kids and making them disposal

Play me one on one in playground

And u will end up getting clowned

I be getting A’s in art

Because I’m very smart

Every time I made honor roll

I’m happy as that was my goal

One thing that I hate

Was how long it took before I reached home plate 

I’ve been here since fourth

Going through all the back and fourth

So many recess recalls 

Grades on a downfall

So many Tuesday’s 

That did not make me gay

I am at my homestretch at fenn

And my time is coming to an end

Overall fenn was great 

But my time has come to migrate


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