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Caribou Essay

A Trip To Remember

The art of lateral thinking in a team is key, in order to gain a competitive advantage.

~Wayne Chirisa


When my parents told me about the ninth grade trip to Camp Caribou, I didn’t know what to expect. Before this trip I wasn’t too close with anyone in the ninth grade besides a few people. I was friendly with everyone, but not friends with everyone. My goal on this trip was to enjoy myself, make new friends, and get closer with my existing friends. What I didn’t realize about this trip was that my friends would also be my teammates.

Nobody can go through life alone, and I felt lucky to have a bus full of friends on a long ride to Camp Caribou in Maine. I was on a hot, humid and sticky bus on the way to Camp Caribou. It was around 11 am when Murdy and I were very intensely focused on working out a trade in fantasy football. My eyes were starting to feel very droopy, as the air conditioning was gusting into my face. The bus just felt like it was getting more humid every single minute. Murdy was not agreeing with my trades and instead went to trade with Amir in order to get players to trade with me. I went into my bag to get some food just to keep me awake for the bus ride. It was loud on the bus and I was starting to get a headache. It gave me time to think; Although Amir and Murdy were definitely not complying to my trade requests in Fantasy Football, I was still extremely lucky to have them sitting next to me. Thankful that they didn’t move to the front of the bus. They made this trip up to Maine twice as good as it would have been if they weren’t with me.

    Teamwork is the most overused word in the English language. It’s not teamwork, it’s “I” work, everyone works, everyone contributes, and that is what makes the dream work. The objective was to get everyone over the wall in your group (about twelve people) only using yourself and other group members. The twelve foot wall was supposedly pretty hard to conquer as told by the other group. It was around 10 am on Tuesday, so I was feeling pretty excited and ready to take this on considering we were forced to go to sleep early the previous night. We had planned to send up the strongest people first to help pull up other people, then send everyone else. Gabe and Luke went up first, with lots of help from below them. Then DJ and I and we helped by pulling up other people. My arms started to burn badly after pulling up a few kids with Gabe, but Gabe was doing mainly all of the lifting and being very helpful throughout the whole thing. Teamwork definitely doesn’t work unless everyone does their job. We were able to conquer the wall because everyone did their job, and we looked out for each other. Also because we had Gabe, and he literally carried us. Also because we had me, and I carried myself.

    Nobody can accomplish anything great individually without others supporting them.     


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Nice job JP! I really liked this essay and how you hammered home the theme of teamwork and friendship. Overall really nice job of describing your experience at Camp Caribou.

Gabe Fonte

Great essay Will! I really liked your third body paragraph and how you talked about how its not teamwork, its I work. Also you should put the picture above the quote. But good job.

JP Ward

Nice job, Will! I liked how you emphasized teamwork and friendship as at camp we focused a lot on that.


Amazing essay Will! It is clear how hard you worked. The description about when you were on the bus was nothing short of amazing. You described it perfectly, and it made it easy for me to feel you agony and discomfort.

Max Lo

Great Essay Will! I really liked your conclusion, “Nobody can accomplish anything great individually without others supporting them.” I think the conclusion nicely wrapped up your essay with a insightful quote about life.


Good essay Will! You did a great job of showing the themes of friendship and teamwork over and over again. Your themes were really good themes to sum up our time at camp.


Nice essay will. Your body paragraphs were well written and was a good review on the memories you mad at camp caribou. Your body paragraphs were wrapped up beautifully by your concluding sentence.


Awesome Job Will! I am glad that you had a chance to get closer with our class and make more friends. I love your writing style and your concluding sentence. Great job.


Great job Will! I really enjoyed reading this essay. You did a great job describing each experience, especially in the first paragraph. I liked how you incorporated your themes throughout your paragraphs to really hammer home your point. I also thought that your conclusion was very powerful. Great essay!

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