Literary Analysis Reflection for The Old Man and The Sea
Iambic Blank Verse

Exam Metacognition

Preparation is Key 

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”-John Wooden

Will O’Brien

The English exam really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I wasn’t exactly dreading this exam, but I wasn’t too excited for it. I sat down last Saturday morning, a day after the exam prep was posted, and did everything on the list that I could possibly do before the exam. I worked through the comma rule exercises, wrote my literary analysis with Gabe, and worked on my literary reflection. This was probably the worst part of the whole exam, and it wasn’t even that bad! It took me roughly two hours to do the whole thing. When I got to the exam, it was exactly what I expected, relatively easy, with some challenging parts. The worst part of what we had to do today (exam day) was probably the proofread, edit and revise at the end. I think I did alright with it, but there are probably a few things that I am missing. I thought that the sentences prior to the proofread, edit and revise exercise were very easy though.  All in all, the exam was not bad at all if you prepared and studied for it, which I did. I prepared well in advance, studied every single night, and got a good night's sleep, the night before the exam. 


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