Old Man and The Sea
Exam Metacognition

Literary Analysis Reflection for The Old Man and The Sea


Will O’Brien

The Old Man and the Sea

Perseverance and the Old Man




Going on one more round when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference. -Sylvester Stallone

~Ernest Hemingway


Perseverance is the main quality of winners, winners never quit.The Old Man and the Sea challenged me to analyze the text a lot more when I read, and rethink my life goals. 

Reading The Old Man and the Sea challenged me to think much more about what I read. There were tons of times when reading this book where I didn’t understand what was being said, but by stopping to analyze it, and really think about the meaning behind it, I was able to get a sense of what was going on. It was pretty clear that the old man was persevering to me, as he was stuck out on sea for five days and didn’t give up once. This made me rethink what I wanted to be persevering about in life. I want to pick a goal and just work so hard at it that it is almost impossible to fail, just like the old man worked so hard to survive out at sea that it was nearly impossible for him to fail. I am not going to lie at all, I was not excited to read this book. When Fitz assigned it to us to read, I had heard mixed opinions on it, and when I first started reading, I thought the book was boring and hard to comprehend. After a few chapters, I realized that maybe if I read it with more effort to understand the concepts and vocabulary that it was a more enjoyable book to read.

 Reading The Old Man and the Sea taught me two main things. When in doubt, read with more analysis. After looking up vocabulary definitions and marking up the text, the book became much more understandable, which made it so much more fun to read. Also, never give up and always stay persistent. The old man could have given up multiple times, but odds are, he would be dead if he did. 

After reading the first few chapters, I was thinking that the book was horrible, and that no matter what I learned at the end, it wouldn’t be worth it. But now that I have read it, it was absolutely worth it, because I learned the important theme, never give up and always persevere.


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