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School Letter


School Letter

Dear Admissions Committee,

Being ready for change, being honest to yourself, and having drive. These to me are hugely important qualities in any person’s life. I know that I reflect every single one of these values, it may be in a different  way than you, but I do reflect all of them. If you are not ready for change, then change will knock you over like a Peterbilt Truck crashing head on with a Mini Cooper.

I never knew if I was ready for change. That is until I had to face the biggest change in my life so far, Type One Diabetes. It was difficult to fathom what had happened at the beginning, but then when I started learning more about it, and got into a routine with it, I just accepted the fact that I would have to change for the better, and that I would never be a “normal kid” in lots of people’s eyes anymore. That didn’t matter to me, I was just glad I was able to keep doing the things that I loved, and that I was surrounded by loved ones and friends to help me get through this change. 


If you are not honest to yourself, you will think that you are on top of the world forever, which will get you nowhere in life. If you think you are the best at everything, and are never honest to yourself, then you will never get better at anything because you are creating a false reality for yourself. I have always been honest with myself, sometimes too honest, I have been told. I am hard and honest with myself so that I can force myself to work harder, to get better, to be more successful. Even if I was on top of the world, I would still be brutally honest to myself so that I can just continue to grow and get better.


If you don’t have any drive in life, you will never get anything done, and when you do get things done, you will get nowhere. If you want to be successful and live life to the fullest, you NEED to have the drive to do so. No super successful person has no drive, they all are so successful because they want to be the greatest at whatever they do, not just good at it, the best at it. I have had drive my whole life with whatever I do, when I am playing lacrosse, I simplify everything for myself, I am going to work so hard that nobody will beat me one on one, I will be the best player on every team I play for, I will score more goals than everyone in this tournament. I think that my drive is what has made me a good lacrosse player, and I am going to continue to push myself even more, because even though I am good at lacrosse, I don’t just want to be good, I want to be the best. 


Be ready for change, or you won’t. 




Will OBrien




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