Exam Metacognition
Will: WWFenn

Iambic Blank Verse

Changes To Be Made


The fresh new grass glistens under the bright sun

The buds gloom no more as the sun trickles

Fresh rain tickles the stems of new flowers

Truly magical this time of year it is

Mammals frolic and play in the woods

Dogs run and jump in joy as they finally

Are able to go outside in great weather

Rain, shine, rain, shine, that is the way of Spring

Although Spring is first-class, there is one issue

Issue that sweeps across most of the land


While the grass may be green, the air is gray

Gray with insane amounts of dust and fuels

Places may be breathing pristine, fresh air

While most breathe more of a grimy air

Today’s problems exist of more than this

People dying at the hands of others

But air kills more than you may think it does

Issues with lungs, heart, brain, strokes, cancer, blood supply

The kids, the old, the men, the girls, the dogs

Lots of people tortured by this grim air


If we make no changes people will die

Children getting their lungs close to deep fried

How does it feel you must wonder sometimes

It must not feel very good at all

To have your brain crushed by a wall at times

So let's agree to all try and make change 

Let’s all agree to make the world better

Because we are more prime than I so let’s

Focus on the main goal the task at hand

And get the air flowing more smooth and grand


Even with lots of pain and cries there is 

Plenty of joy and love that still exists

Our earth is still loving and fun but that 

Does not change much we must do more to stop 

Bad air which runs the earth as of right now

It starts with lots of change and love we must 

Drive less walk more avoid crackers use fans

Turn off your lights bike more all these things help

We must realize that we are not doing enough

And start to make the change for the better


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