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My Heroic Story

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How it is for Gabe and I sometimes at school

7D5C720A-4290-4929-9263-F37C8BD56EB4Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone” -Unknown


As conservatives, we have been raised in a very liberal environment (Massachusetts), and even more specifically, Gabe has been attending Fenn since fourth grade, and I have been attending Fenn since eighth grade, and Fenn is a very liberal school. We are called to our “adventure” because at the beginning of the year, we were silenced in terms of our political beliefs. With this, we stand up our beliefs and the right to have our own opinion. 

In times where we needed to stand up to this act, we leaned on each other for support. There are not a lot of teachers here who are conservative, and if there are, they certainly don’t show it as much as we do. With this, we don’t have many other people besides our peers to help us in our argument. Besides leaving practically nobody to help us out, but ourselves and a select few of our friends. 

The first time that we were sorta “silenced” was at the first DEI meeting. In DEI, everyone is to be “inclusive”, well it's not inclusive to everyone. Most people understand that we all have different views and standards; however, there are a few extreameste that don’t respect the opposite side. 


In one of the first DEI meetings, we said a similar-conservative statement. After class one of the DEI teachers brought us to the side and told us we couldn’t come back until we wrote an apology to them repenting about what we said. 

After letting our good friend know about our first experience at Fenn DEI,  he decided to come join us in the next meeting, being another friendly conservative voice. Now you may be thinking, “why don’t you guys just not go to the DEI meetings if they are so miserable for you all?” Well we wanted to stay strong, and make sure that our voices were heard, because we figured it was only fair. The climax of our challenge was our next DEI meeting. The next meeting took place in the MPR, and roughly thirty kids showed up. Us three pulled up to this meeting, feeling confident. We stated our opinions, but in a very respectful way, and we were not kicked out, but we got some glares from people at the meeting. 


After some discussion, Gabe and I decided that we did not want to attend another Fenn DEI meeting. It is nothing against the program, we just didn’t feel like it was our place to be. The next week came soon, and we politely told the proctors of our meeting that we would not be attending. They seemed okay with the idea of ours, and we went to lunch normally. To this day, Gabe and I live on as conservatives in a largely Liberal area. There are moments where lots of conservatives may step down, and just be quiet because of all of the pressure, but that is not how Gabe and I think. 


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The Fenn Voice

I would not call myself conservative, but I certainly appreciate the need for a diversity of opinions to get at the kernel of truth a persons mindset. You do this well here and you create a heroes journey. You sense the challenge and you embrace the possibilities of having your voice be heard and that in the self is worth experiencing. I would make your last sentence be your conclusion. Otherwise it just feels like a part of a final body paragraph.

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