Moby Dick Reflection Podcast

Fitz Poems

Crows and Swallows


You Are Probably Asleep Right Now...

I really like the image that this poem creates. The late night image with the TV glowing. It’s a very calming poem. The description of natural sounds and darkness is soothing. The poem starts off as though the writer is just muttering to himself but the last stanza is very meaningful and profound. 


The Fire Still Smolders...

This is an emotional poem. It uses very good vocabulary and it’s is almost like a work of art, each word seems to be so carefully chosen. It’s a personal topic which makes all those words so much more meaningful and touching. Leaving the reader almost without words and just to sit with there thoughts after an incredibly moving last stanza. 


Me And God Have A Deal...

This is a humorous poem which is kind of nice to read coming immediately after a much more nostalgic and emotional poem. It’s funny because it’s very relatable. I can remember times when I’ve prayed for things to appear out of nowhere or for things to go my way but I don’t go to church and I don’t pray daily. Love God when you want him and right after forget about him. 


My Poem

The Music Plays In My Ear....


Upbeat and and Pleasant

A background noise for focusing

However, sometimes I just sit

And stare into space as I listen carefully

To all the work put into each track


The beat

The lyrics

The flow

The emotion

and tone


What was the motive for writing each song?

What is going on in this person life that inspires them to make this song?