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The Tech Booth


A quiet place 

Away from the rest

Quiet whispers all around

Desperate attempts at grasping to air

In efforts to not make a sound

The background noise of a performance put together with care

Music in our ears and mischievous chatter

Quiet enough so we don’t cause a clatter



Poetry is my least favorite part of English and I drew having to suffer through it each year. I try my best and I have usually been relatively successful but I still really dislike the style of literature. I really respect people who are creative enough to make what is considered "good" poetry because I find it very difficult. With this poem I was just trying to rhyme a few words and talk about what I was doing at the team and I hoped it would turn alright. I appreciate writing stories or analytical papers much more because that is what I am good at. I like to illustrate rather than confuse which is how I see poetry.