Thoreau essay
Thoreau paragraph


The Contrast of Seasons







Small brown seeded leaves

Slowly float down from the tree tops

Spinning like helicopters


A small child of three

Drowns in a pile of leaves

A rainbow of autumn tints in the air


Sun peeks through the trees

Like a game of peek a boo 

As the car cruises down the street


Autumn weather

Sunny with a breeze and a nip

We all wear shorts anyway




I enjoyed writing these haikus. Fall is a very easy season to write about for me because I am lucky enough to live in the best place in America for fall. There are so many colors and the sun shines perfectly on the road. Haikus are actually more fun than I remember. It’s a really cool formatted way to get thoughts condensed and profoundly described and expressed. 






Bare trees everywhere 

A sheet of white specks fall

From the deep grey sky


I wake up to silence

Roll on my left to check my clock

10:00 a snow day at last


Court vision predicting the future

So smooth as he sprints down the court

Lob and the finish brings all to their feet 


Slicing down the hill

Out of control grinning ear to ear

Dreading the day's end



Once again the weather in New England comes in handy for this poem. In some places it’s essentially the same weather all year round but here even though I hate the cold we can say that we experience a "real winter" which has lots of aspects to do with weather, sports and so

Now days. It was quite easy to wright these shorts styled poems on such an easy topic that takes up a big part of many people lives who live here. 




Spring is confused

A recovery from winter

An anticipation for summer


Splashing in the water

Sweat dripping down my face

You can always work harder 


Days counting down

Slowly, patiently waiting 

For the freedom of summer


Best time of year for sports

High stakes all around

Predictions, money, and pride 



I think this for me is the most difficult season to create haikus for by far. Besides sports spring is nothing special for me. It’s a transition season and there’s no unique thing to write about the weather. I think these are my worst haikus and all the seasons are much easier. Winter there’s cold, fall there’s New England leaves and summer is summer but spring is pretty boring. 




Outside all day

Living of ice cold lemonade

Stress free and happy


The calm vibe of the lake

Soft laughter and joy all around

No place we’d rather be


Schools out finally

No more worrying, no more problems

Pure excitement and fun


The sun shines bright

Sweat drips and smiles widen

Joy of the outdoors



I always enjoy writing about summer. What’s not to like. I can write about camp, baseball, friends, the weather or jus how everyone’s mood is better in the summer. It’s such a contrast to the middle of February where every is angry and grumpy to mid June when there is so much fun to be had ahead and nobody can stress about anything. This will most likely be my last summer where I get to do almost purely what u want because after this summer I think it’s important that I be productive whether it’s getting a job, training for a sport or two, or both working and training.