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The Charles River

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The boathouse is a place I go everyday of the week but Sunday. I get to spend time next to or on the Charles River every day. Everybody knows everyone on the team of 45. Every practice starts with dynamic stretches while we all talk about our days and the dread of what the days practice might bring. Rowing is an irrelevant sport but it's a growing one and it brings people together. The best part maybe however, may be the scenery. Each day we get to propel ourselves down a river directly down the center of a beautiful city. In every direction is a new interesting sight. I love the Charles and I’m so happy I get to spend so much time there. The trees and buildings all around and tourists sitting by the river taking pictures, even if rowing is irrelevant this makes it so I can at least pretend that I have spectators. The boathouse itself is also quite an interesting building. It’s a very modern, new building with a floor on top full of about 100 ergs, and below endless amounts of different types of boats. The dock is the longest dock in the city and it can hold maybe ten full sized boats end to end. I am very grateful that I get to spend so much time at such a high quality and special place. I will be sad to say good by to it as I am leaving next year