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Money and Work Literary Analysis

Money and Work


This was overall a pretty confusing reading. I think that the only reason why I was so high on Thoreau’s writing style at first was because it was much easier to decipher than Moby Dick. Now after doing more reading I’m starting to dislike it because it’s pretty confusing also. I just wish I could read a book written by a newer author so I could appreciate the story more. On the note of Thoreau’s views on money, I thought they were very interesting. He decided to only make money for himself and make all his own food and live off his own needs rather than making profit to attain his wants. He would grow his own food and only take it for himself. He didn’t need an income because he was only focusing on his own needs. I find this approach interesting because it’s just a cool idea that someone could just live off what they make for themselves not working unless it’s to provide themselves a need. On the other hand however, this couldn’t work if everyone did this because economies are built off of people’s drive to gain money. Everyone’s job helps someone else directly or indirectly. If everyone worked for themselves they would need all the skills that they usually would just pay someone else to be good at. If someone is good at something they can provide a unique service that people will pay them to provide, if everyone did their own thing and worked for themselves then everyone would need to have all those skills that we in our world today pay others to provide. This was an interesting take on money and work, although it was a little tedious, it’s a unique thought.