Clothing and Shelter Thoreau Essay

Thoreau paragraph

A Sense Of Belonging


It is hard for one to name all the necessities of life for there are so many of them; however, those that come to mind immediately when this question is asked, are family and a sense of belonging. These go hand and hand because when one has no where to go, and no sense of belonging, family is always there. The overarching necessity of life is belonging. Everyone has to belong in some place or activity or community. Certain individuals believe that they can survive alone but the truth is every needs to have a place that involves other people, where they feel safe and comfortable. Without any security, any person would go insane. Loneliness is a true danger and nobody deserves the pain that it brings. There is truly nothing worse than feeling unconfident or uncomfortable everywhere, that is why everyone needs a place to go. Family is a good safety valve for anyone feeling lonely but unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have that option for whatever reason. Those who don’t must not wait for something good to come to them, it is imperative that they go out and search for it themselves.