Walden Writing Prompt #3

Walden Writing Prompt #2

Lifes Necessities




"Necessity is the mother of invention."



            In the section of Walden titled Necessities, Henry David Thoreau wirtes about what he believes to life’s necessities. In the chapter he states that in life you only need food and shelter. I agree with this statement, but living with only food and shelter is a recipe for a terrible life. Choosing to live with only Waldens necessities will be a life filled to the brim with nothing.  Picture being stranded in the woods with nothing but shelter and enough food to last a life time. You will live, but what would you do. In my opinion some kind of family and community is necessary to live. Nothing bad can come out of putting yourself in an environment filled with support. A sense of family is also very important to me. I am lucky enough to have been born into a stable family. Without the help and support of my family I would not be where I am right now. I agree partially with what Walden had to say bout necessities. Food and shelter may be necessary to live, but family and community are necessary to thrive.


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