Trick Shot


I started off aiming for the net from a distance, but succeeded when I changed my trick shot. The first part of the video is a attempt where I got frustratingly close to my original goal. This was very infuriating, but without a doubt fun and satisfying when you finally get the perfect shot. I encourage others to blog trick shots in the future. Spencer, Jp, and Brendan were there for moral support. 

Speak up

Speak Up

~Tal Richmond

Quiet doesn't mean peace 


It is more powerful to speak up than to quietly resent~Anonymous  

 (I am using the name Chris  instead of his real name.) 

Chris (a privileged white boy) “was” a good friend. He came to our small Super Bowl party and our World Cup party. Everyone laughed and played football or catch, unaware of the bumpy relationship our families would have later on. Chris was one of my sister's closest friends in freshman and sophomore year. They had classes together and followed up with facetime for homework and chatting. By early March of 2021, this had all ended.

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Top 3 Meats

3. Chicken



Chicken is my third place finisher because you can cook chicken in different ways with different seasoning. My personal favorite is fried chicken. The skin soaks up oil which makes a crispy, oily, and flavorful outside. The inside can be filled with fatty juice that gives the chicken its flavor. This is not rated higher because the chicken breast and thighs can often be dry with little flavor. 


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My 6th and 7th Grade Journey

My 6th and 7th Grade Journey

Something to remember

“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know” -


I imagine my future in this navy chair, with Fenn behind me, and high school ahead. As I look back at my years of Fenn, I am flooded with great memories. While the last half of my Fenn time hasn’t been normal,  I am still grateful for my school.

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Mark Rober squirrels

American squirrel warrior

Only for the toughest


Squirrels are powerful-Tal Richmond

This is one of my favorite videos. The video is formated perfectly and always keeps you engaged. During quarantine, Mark chose to interact with squirrels. After keenly peering through his window shades, he observed how squirrels moved; Mark came up with an idea to build a squirrel American Ninja Warrior course in his backyard.



I love this video because it shows the squirrels thought process. The course is specifically meant to challenge them, and test their different abilities. The video also includes how squirrels can survive any fall, no matter the height. This video is fantastic to decompress and laugh after a tough day. 

Top 5 NBA Teams

I’d like to start by saying that this is serious and I spent hours researching this topic. This may be controversial, but I feel strongly about this top 5.


5.New Orleans Pelicans

This team is very strong and could be serious NBA final competitors if the whole team stays healthy. With players like Bradly Beel and Steff Kurry, they would outscore almost all opponents. They also have Zioon Wiliamsan come off the bench. Their defense might be a bit shaky, but I’m sure they can get a few stops. Above is a picture of their star player, Steff Kurry.

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Why Liverpool is Terrible

Liverpool have been in bad form these recent games. While they have had injuries to both of their best center backs, I think that isn’t the problem. The true problem is with their attack. Yes, I know Salah is top goal scorer but they create few chances because of their lack of passing from the midfield and defense. Van Dijk was not only an incredible defender but he also offered Liverpool an option of long balls out wide. TAA has been back from injury for a little while, but this season, he hasn’t gotten the chances to prove himself as a great final pass player. Fabinho and Henderson who are staple midfield players are playing center back. To be fair though, they have been some of Liverpools best players. Thiago has played pretty well, but they are playing him in a more defensive position because they are worried about their center backs. Jeez. Dont even get me started on karius , oh sorry, Allison.