The Power of Thanksgiving
Christmas in Wales Essay

The Power of Traditions



    Traditions bring people together. One of the traditions that I have is to celebrate Christmas with my family. Many people think Traditions are times to get things like gifts, food and money, but I think it is mostly about family. Having traditions brings people and family’s together.  It is a special time where you know you are going to see relatives who you haven't seen inn a long time. Its 6:00 am on Christmas morning. I am trying to get my last few hours of peaceful sleep, but then, both of my sisters come screaming into my room and start to wake me up. As I finally wake up to all of this screaming of, “it’s Christmas morning, wake up." Then they force me to get out of bed and get ready to go down stairs to open presents. After finally waking up, our whole family is waiting the stairs. My Mom and Dad are standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for all of us to get  to go open presents. My Mom, Dad and both my sisters  and I are all waiting for Buck to get ready (Buck is always the slowest one).  Then once Buck comes around the corner, everyone goes down the stairs as fast as possible to go open presents. Having times or traditions like this is very important, It brings many people together that normally can’t always be together. Most of the time I only see my family during special times like Christmas and Thanksgiving, if but if we didn't have these traditions, we wouldn't spend as much time with our family.