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My WWFenn Piece


By William Ernest Henley

7E4ECAEF-E10E-43AF-ABAD-22523685B66F       For my WW Fenn speaking contest I choose the pice Invictus, by William Henley. I choose this piece because I felt it really will teach me a good lesson. This poem has one kinda main theme of this poem has to do with the two last line. “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”. What these lines mean to me is that you are responsible of you fate, you can be dumb and make a bad choice and then die. You are controlling your soul and you have to my good designs instead of bad ones. This piece really teaches a good lesson. To be in control of your self and not make bad decisions. I choose this piece because it is very interesting to me and I felt it really resonated with me. I really like this poem because it’s not what the poem makes you think, it’s what you make the poem means to you. This poems means a lot of things, you can choose what it means to you. That one of the things I really like about it. You can choose what you want to take out of the poem and their isn't just one main message. Overall I really like this poem. I like the meaning of the poem which is you control, your life and your fate. This poem means a lot to me and I think I will remember it for a while. I hope I can remember it for a long time and be able to recite it for longer. I will try my best to memorize it to the fullest, using the 30, 30 method of memorizing. Overall I really like my people and I am really glad that I choose it for my WWFenn this year.