My Moby Dick Metacognition

My Three Poem's

Following my Dog

Whatever it wants to do

It runs and jogs around in the woods

The tail wagging and sniffing everything we pass

Over all of the roots and rocks in the trail 

As we make it to the end of the trail, 

we turn around and head back 

As we walk past all the rocks and trees we once passed

Playing and running around in the woods, 

Here in the woods

We are both dogs.



Writing this poem was fun once I thought of the idea. I had a really hard time thinking of a topic to write my poem on. But once I found my topic I just kept of writing. And it turned out pretty good. 


Who is this kid in the mirror 

The short, weak, white boy

Wearing a hoodie almost everyday 

With red nmds and tan pants 

The kid with shaggy blond hair,

Who is a student at Fenn 

I am that kid in the mirror,

And I am proud to be him.



I really liked writing this poem, it made me think about what I wear and do everyday. I had to think about what really represents me. But this poems was fun to write and I really enjoyed writing it and I had fun with it. 


As I sit at my desk

No idea what to write 

I am thinking a bout all but this poem

About tryouts, what’s for dinner

But then it hits me,

The idea I have been waiting for 

this entire time 


As you might have seen, I didn’t have a ton of ideas to write about in this poem. I just kept on trying to think on what to write but I just kept on getting distracted. But overall I had good time writing this poem.