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April 2019

The Power of Place

Just Be Yourself 


Home is where you feel the most comfortable. Fenn has become a place where I spend a lot of my time and where I feel safe. The place at Fenn would defiantly be the baseball field. I am very comfortable at that field because I have spent countless hours playing on that field. Two outs, the score is 3-4 in the bottom of the seventh inning. The pitcher throws the ball, the ump calls strike and the final batter struck out, and Fenn wins the tournament. If I had been nervous, if I had no support from my classmates and teachers, I could’ve dropped the ball and had my classmates make fun of me. This would have not made Fenn a second home to me. I have been at Fenn for the last 6 years of my life. Fenn has been has always ways been pushing people to be more and more of them selfs and not try to be someone they are not. I feel that this is a key component to the power of Place. At the baseball field I fell even more like my self. I have be at Fenn for 6 years and played baseball for 4 of those years. I have had countless practices and many games on that field, I have made errors and hit doubles on that field.  You can visit many places over your lifetime, but after every trip, you will always be excited to come back home.

Out in The Woods


Exploring With Moxie


“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.”
- Henry David Thoreau 

Out in the woods, walking my dog Moxie. Looking around at all the green. The green trees, mossy rocks with the morning dew, covering it all. The more you go outside and just explore outside, the happier you will be. The more you just spend time with just you and your dog. The mist covering the ground, making my shoes wet. The green leaves flowing in the wind. On walks with my dog, I like to reflect on things I have done in my past. I like to think about my baseball games that I had this weekend, and how we had won both of our games this weekend. I thought about how lucky I was to be able to go to the Red Sox game with my friends. I think about who lucky I am to just be able to be on this walk right now. As we reach the end of the path, we are forced to turn around and come back. On the way back, I am following Moxie, as she goes down to the stream to explore. As Moxie runs around, I just sit down and look at the stream. I see the sun light reflect on the river, the tiny fish swimming up and down the stream. I sit their and just think, how lucky am I. 


Clothing and Shelter

What Do We Really Need 


“All good things are wild and free”

- Henry David Thoreau 


What do we really need? In the second chapter of Walden, “Economy” Thoreau writes about how we don’t need things that we won’t use everyday. Thoreau says that we don’t need big houses and expensive things, and all we need is small house and cheap clothes. He challenges us to think, Do we need a big houses and expensive clothing? Thoreau talks about how as kid it didn’t matter where we were sleeping or spending time, and that we all just wanted to be out in our tree houses and exploring caves. How we would rather be up in the trees and not spending time inside of a big fancy house. He also talks about how we have this “primitive ancestor” still in us. We all just want to be outside exploring the unknowns of the world. People would rather have an adventure like camping, than sleeping in their bed. 

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Seasons Poems


The dark leaves 

Blowing in the wind

I hope, they don’t fall off 


The pile of leaves 

All kids running and jumping 

Vanishing into the leaves 


Carving the pumpkins 

With Messy hands

Having fun with your friends 


Sitting around a table 

With all sort of food 

We all hold hands and say grace 


These haikus were fun to write. I liked think about what I think about fall. I think of Halloween and leaves and then thanksgiving. I tried to use the image on image on action for these haikus. 




The snow comes falling down

The kids all go out and play

Hopefully none gets hit with a snowball 


All the kids are up

But none of the parents 

All the kids rush down stairs to open gifts 


First the carrot nose 

Then the hat

then we finish our snowman


The bitter cold hands

Grasp into the warm mug 

Buts suddenly spill all over my shirt 


These haikus were good to write, I really like to write haikus because they are short and very easy to write. I really had fun writing them. 




The wet grass

The morning sun

Shines all over the town


All the players are ready

It’s opening day 

All the fans are ready for some baseball 


The green leaves 

Finally growing back 

This is what spring is all about 



The dry green grass

With the all the plants regrowing 

With all flower growing 


I had a little bit of trouble think of things for this month, it was a little hard but I go it done. I really enjoy writing haikus because they are short and easier than other poems to write. 




All the kids are ready

When the bell finally rings 

The y all go sprite out 


Cold water 

Warm sun

Lay down on the dock


Pool water

Golf lessons

Spending time with some friends


Summer is ending

Everyone is sad 

No one wants to go back 


Like all of the other haikus I liked writing them and had a good time with that, I tried to use the technique image on image on action for these haikus. 


My Neccesities

The Only Things I Need


Siting down alone in my basement play Xbox, will not help me in my future. In fact, most things will not, you really only need your necessities. My necessities for my life is mostly my family. I love my family endlessly and I could not live with out them right now in my life. My family has helped me through my hard times, and pushed me through and shaped me to the person I am today. My family are the people that has cheered on me when I am in sporting games. They are they are the people that will love you endlessly and not matter what you do, they will love and care about you. Overall I think that family is my only necessity that I need at my point in life. They are the people that that help and make you the people you are. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. 


Economy Reflection


By Ryan Lewis


    When I first heard that we would be reading Walden I was a little bit skeptical because I really didn't want to read another hard book this year. I have heared a lot about Thoreau like how he lived at walden pond in a tiny little house. He was a very interesting man because he would donate a lot of his money towards poor families. He said “Others have been curious to learn what portion of my income I devoted to charitable purposes; and some, who have large families, how many poor children I maintained.” But after reading the first chapter I realised it was somewhat interesting. I learned a lot from the first chapter and I thought it was a great way to open it up for the rest of the story. But here are the main takeaways I had in the first chapter.

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My Three Poem's

Following my Dog

Whatever it wants to do

It runs and jogs around in the woods

The tail wagging and sniffing everything we pass

Over all of the roots and rocks in the trail 

As we make it to the end of the trail, 

we turn around and head back 

As we walk past all the rocks and trees we once passed

Playing and running around in the woods, 

Here in the woods

We are both dogs.



Writing this poem was fun once I thought of the idea. I had a really hard time thinking of a topic to write my poem on. But once I found my topic I just kept of writing. And it turned out pretty good. 


Who is this kid in the mirror 

The short, weak, white boy

Wearing a hoodie almost everyday 

With red nmds and tan pants 

The kid with shaggy blond hair,

Who is a student at Fenn 

I am that kid in the mirror,

And I am proud to be him.



I really liked writing this poem, it made me think about what I wear and do everyday. I had to think about what really represents me. But this poems was fun to write and I really enjoyed writing it and I had fun with it. 


As I sit at my desk

No idea what to write 

I am thinking a bout all but this poem

About tryouts, what’s for dinner

But then it hits me,

The idea I have been waiting for 

this entire time 


As you might have seen, I didn’t have a ton of ideas to write about in this poem. I just kept on trying to think on what to write but I just kept on getting distracted. But overall I had good time writing this poem.