My Neccesities
Clothing and Shelter


Seasons Poems


The dark leaves 

Blowing in the wind

I hope, they don’t fall off 


The pile of leaves 

All kids running and jumping 

Vanishing into the leaves 


Carving the pumpkins 

With Messy hands

Having fun with your friends 


Sitting around a table 

With all sort of food 

We all hold hands and say grace 


These haikus were fun to write. I liked think about what I think about fall. I think of Halloween and leaves and then thanksgiving. I tried to use the image on image on action for these haikus. 




The snow comes falling down

The kids all go out and play

Hopefully none gets hit with a snowball 


All the kids are up

But none of the parents 

All the kids rush down stairs to open gifts 


First the carrot nose 

Then the hat

then we finish our snowman


The bitter cold hands

Grasp into the warm mug 

Buts suddenly spill all over my shirt 


These haikus were good to write, I really like to write haikus because they are short and very easy to write. I really had fun writing them. 




The wet grass

The morning sun

Shines all over the town


All the players are ready

It’s opening day 

All the fans are ready for some baseball 


The green leaves 

Finally growing back 

This is what spring is all about 



The dry green grass

With the all the plants regrowing 

With all flower growing 


I had a little bit of trouble think of things for this month, it was a little hard but I go it done. I really enjoy writing haikus because they are short and easier than other poems to write. 




All the kids are ready

When the bell finally rings 

The y all go sprite out 


Cold water 

Warm sun

Lay down on the dock


Pool water

Golf lessons

Spending time with some friends


Summer is ending

Everyone is sad 

No one wants to go back 


Like all of the other haikus I liked writing them and had a good time with that, I tried to use the technique image on image on action for these haikus.