Walden Writing Prompt #2
3 poems

Journal Outside




I bike through the woods, trying to think of ideas for English. I had spent a long weekend enjoying myself and definitely not thinking about English class or homework. This was until I remembered that I had to go outside and think about English class. I hopped onto my bike and made the leg straining climb up to the top of a hill near my house. A wind blew through my hair as I looked up. At this second I stopped and took a second to appreciate what was in front of me. An expanse of nature was there for me to take in, buds were peaking out at the world, the grass had started to show its true color expelling it’s winter brown for summer green. Even though I had biked away from campus I could still smell the newly placed mulch. Spring in it’s simplest form is mulch, new, full and pungent , when the mulch goes down the fields start to fill again, I have watched as seniors start to take stock of their experience. Now I’m the one finally understanding that I won’t be back on campus as a student soon. Nature provokes emotion, underlying pieces of my identity. I look over the domain I will soon be a student at. I take a deep breath and let it sink in and the bike ride is worth it.


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Your last three sentences are incredibly strong: "Nature provokes emotion, underlying pieces of my identity. I look over the domain I will soon be a student at. I take a deep breath and let it sink in and the bike ride is worth it." I like how you connect nature to time and places changing. Nice post.


This is a great post. I really like your conclusion. It’s very insightful and deep. Nice job!

Timmy Smith

This was really good. I really liked all of the imagery that you used, and the message that you were conveying was very good. Great job.

Michael L

Amazing Work Peter. You have so much detail, especially when you talk about mulch, and I love how you write it and your tone. Fantastic job.

Michael A

This is great work Peter. You added so much detail that made your post really entertaining. You used great imagery and really got your point through. Great job Peter.

Rain Yang

This is good, there’s lot of images in your wiritng piece. The environment is really well described great job on your journal.


Nice job peter this shows many things that I have done this past weekend mainly not thinking about school. It was deep and a great way to relax and think.

Andy Barton

I like how describe what your were thinking as you biked up the hill. The experience of biking is one different than walking and you described that perfectly. Good job!

McCliff Metellus

I really like this piece I love how much detail you put in twords the end.

Fru nkimbeng

Images and action baby. Good job on this Pete you used lots of detail which made me imagine myself there with you. I also really like you conclusion as it is a great way to end.

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